My name is Anthony Robb and I am the President of Stoneleigh Consulting. Stoneleigh is a national payments company that specializes in FREE credit card processing or what I like to call the NFA Program! The name Stoneleigh is the name of the dirt road I grew up on in the small town of Mansfield, Australia. The C in my logo represents a horse shoe that I still have to this day that I found buried in the dirt floor of the old stable on our property. Mansfield's population is only about 5,000 and sits at the foot of the Snowy Mountains surrounded by farming, rivers and lakes. I believe it is very important to remember where you came from.

After traveling the world extensively and living in places like London, Toronto, and Sydney I had a variety of careers over the years. I finally landed in the Payments industry in about 2008 where I worked as a senior account manager for nearly 10 years for a New York based Merchant Services company. I had the largest portfolio at this company and had merchant accounts in as many as 25 US states. I gained very valuable experience and knowledge of the payments industry in my time there. 

With the credit card processing world changing I am now very excited to bring you FREE Credit Card Processing through my NFA Program.

I look forward to helping your business by providing the most suitable credit card processing program and hardware that supports my NFA Program.


Anthony Robb