Businesses Run on FAST CASH, Get up to $250,000 in funding in as little as 72 hours!
If you’re a small to medium-sized business the chances are that a traditional business
loan just isn't going to cut it. With FAST CASH we can get you money FAST and at low
factor rates and flexible payment periods. You won't even feel the payments coming out
as they will only be a small percentage of your daily deposits from your your credit
card receivables. Contact Stoneleigh now and we can provide you with a simple one page Pre Application
that you can send back along with your last 3 months CC processing statements and
last 3 months banks statements

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Stoneleigh Consulting offers traditional credit card processing to all merchants
as well as the NFA (discount for cash program). If you feel that NFA is not
right for your business we will give you the lowest conventional credit card
processing rates. Pricing determined by volume,
transaction count and risk.