Stoneleigh Consulting brings the NFA Program to the E-Commerce world! If your accepting payments online for products or services you can now say goodbye to monthly credit card fees! Sure we can set you up with the usual gateways and traditional credit card processing but why do that when you can pass on the processing cost
specific to that transaction to your customers instead? The NFA E-Commerce Program (discount for cash) is different from traditional surcharging on websites in that we simply charge a set % based on a fee table without having to register with card brands.

It is also legal in all 50 states versus only 40 states for traditional surcharging (pretty significant for a website). Convenience fees have to be a set/fixed amount, not a percentage in the E commerce world. With traditional surcharging the surcharge shows up as revenue along with the rest of your batch daily and you pay tax on it.  Your credit card fee's are then still billed as usual at months end. With the discount for cash program using our proprietary gateway/API you Never pay any credit card fees at all!

Here's an example of the two payment options a customer will have when checking out of your shopping cart:
Notice, if the customer pays via ACH, they save $3.15.

Website/Shopping Carts w/ Proprietary API & E-Check/ACH

  • Flat Fee of $75/month
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: ZERO

Virtual Terminal with E-Check/ACH

  • Flat Fee of $75/month
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: ZERO

In summary the NFA Program is a very fair way for you to pass on the credit card fee's to your customers online while giving them a Discount for Cash option via ACH/E-Check where they pay zero fees.

Stoneleigh Consulting offers traditional credit card processing to all merchants
as well as the NFA (discount for cash program). If you feel that NFA is not
right for your business we also offer the lowest conventional credit card
processing pricing using Interchange Plus rates. Pricing determined by volume,
transaction count and risk.