Stoneleigh Consulting now brings the NFA Pay Lo Program to the E-Commerce world! If your accepting payments for online for products or services you can say goodbye to monthly credit card fees! Using our Pay Hub Plus Gateway you can now pass on 3.95% in the form of an SVC Fee.  We also offer your customers the option of paying via ACH to avoid the small surcharge.

Custom NFA Pay Lo to be filled out with your agent as this is a custom form.

Pay Hub Plus Gateway.png

Hosted Payment Page

Accept online card payments and ACH payments quickly. Immediately reduce risk exposure with a dynamic, PCI Compliant hosted check out form that is always tokenized for added protection.

Service Fee

PayHub Plus is compatible with the PayLo Program. Charge a service fee with every sale to help off-set your operational costs.

Recurring Billing

Create recurring plans with setup fees, bill on any schedule, edit plans in use, and manage it all via the portal or via API.

(Below is an example of a what a customer might see when checking out paying by credit card with the NFA Pay Lo Program using the price adjustment OR by ACH or E Check minus the surcharge)


Stoneleigh Consulting offers traditional credit card processing to all merchants
as well as the NFA (discount for cash program). If you feel that NFA is not
right for your business we also offer the lowest conventional credit card
processing pricing using Interchange Plus rates. Pricing determined by volume,
transaction count and risk.