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No Fee Anthony

  • FREE Set up

  • FREE Credit Card Processing

  • FREE Terminals (for qualified merchants)

  • NEXT DAY funding on ALL card brands

  • NO Cancellation FEES

NO FEE ANTHONY  (Discount for Cash Program) means FREE Credit Card Processing & Equipment that all support the NFA Program! Normally, as merchants, you pay anywhere from 2% to 4% in monthly credit card processing fees. With NFA you can now pass on the entire cost at the point of sale to the customer in the form of a Service Fee or Adjustment.  In turn the customer gets a discount when paying in cash!  I'm sure you have more questions so feel free to read more below where I address the most common ones.  Be one of the first to benefit from this brand new program!

Check out this 2 minute video that tells you all about the discount for cash program and paying zero fees.

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