Mobile Processing

With Pay Anywhere you will get a FREE

3-in-1 Blue Tooth Reader that can pair with your phone or tablet!

Pair with your smartphone or tablet to accept EMV chip cards, magstripe cards, and contactless NFC payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop computers.

  • Credit Card Processing Fees: ZERO

  • FREE Blue Tooth reader

Payments on the go are essential in this ever changing world!  Stoneleigh Consulting has two mobile payment options that both support the NFA Program (discount for cash).  Both options have Mobile phone applications & Blue Tooth Devices that accept EMV transactions and contactless payments.

Stoneleigh Consulting offers traditional credit card processing to all merchants
as well as the NFA (discount for cash program). If you feel that NFA is not
right for your business we will give you the lowest conventional credit card
processing pricing out there. Pricing determined by volume,
transaction count and risk.